How to crack IELTS Academic exam 2018-19?

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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and there are many work to do except than just doing research about the content and format of the exam. There are two types: IELTS Academic and General training exam; get knowledge about both of them here. The type of IELTS exam you are taking is depending on your professional goal and need or ask best and most affordable ielts coaching in Gurgaon.

IELTS Academic: As it implies that this exam is meant for planning to study for some higher education or who want to pursue their career in professional manner. It accesses the candidate’s level for academic studying or English training. The IELTS academic format includes 30 minutes of Listening section where recording 1 will be included conversation between 2 people and 2 will be having monologue set in an everyday schedule and where 3 will be having conversation in up to four people and recording 4 must be having a monologue on an academic subject.

Then comes Reading section that is of 60 minutes with 40 questions that includes reading for main ideas, detail, skimming and also understanding of the logical arguments. In the Academic section, it includes three long texts that range from the descriptive to analytical data that are generally extracted from Books, Magazines, newspapers, Notices and Advertisements. Section 1 has some short texts, section 2 comprises two texts and section 3 has some longer ones.

The IELTS General Writing section includes topics of general interest where the candidate will be having a situation and the asked to write letter on that given information or may be explaining that situation. The exam format has two writing tasks to be completed in a time limit of 60 minutes. The candidate has to describe some information (Graph/Table/Chart/Diagram) in their own explanation with a word limit of 150 words in around 20 minutes.

Speaking part comprises of 11-14 minutes where every test is recorded. You’ll be asking general questions about yourself in a range of only familiar topics like Home, Family, Work and Interests. It consists an oral interview between the test takers and examiner with 3 parts i.e., Task input, Task output and Interaction pattern. Part 1 has only the Introduction part where part 2 is a long turn and part 3 will be having an explanation of part 2.

No matter what the topic is, make sure you are practicing enough to develop your skills with a strategy to tackle each one. Not only locating the correct answers but to come in order is also necessary. Skimming and Scanning is necessary but only when they both can do efficiently. For any other free consultation, contact us at our ielts centre in Gurgaon.


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